Building Electrics

A slim, trim profile, pleasing to the eye, clean and refined CHINT switches & sockets perfectly complements the modern lifestyle. Inspired by the simple elegance, every piece of this robustly constructed switches and sockets expresses a pleasing appearance and a cool refined touch of style to suit almost any interior..

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Low Voltage Switchgear

Power of Dedication has transformed CHINT from a simple electric component manufacturer into a leading electric system solution provider, enabling all users from power transmission, distribution and usage sectors to access more reliable, secure, energy-saving, precise, eco-friendly, & intelligent electric products & services. cal,

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Solar Energy Systems

Astronergy specializes in cutting-edge research, development and production of solar modules. It is the first large scale producer of high-efficiency thin film PV modules in mainland China, and has been a trusted provider of monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules since its founding in 2006 Astronergy is committed to technological innovation i n our products and our solutions.

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